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Being A Real Estate Broker in a Recession

My whole life has been built around real estate.  I bought 160 acres when I was only 19 years old.  I suppose this has been the influencing factor in my becoming licensed 30 years ago as a real estate agent; 7 years in New Mexico, and the last 24 years in Texas.  I still cherish the belief that there is no greater investment for most than their housing needs. 

Being a Real Estate Broker is not one of the easiest ways to make a living.  We're simply freelance contractors and we are on our own when it comes to making it in this industry.  I'm learning some valuable life skills for stretching the dollar and some have been for the best.  It hasn't been easy but I've hung in there and looking back, I'm proud of what I have accomplished in these last several months.  I've learned new ways of advertising that capture a larger audience of prospects have drilled down on this "Technology" thing that appears to be where the heart of Real Estate is going. 

Althought my expertise is "Contract Negotiations" I consider myself the jack of all trades if you will.  I've learned to say YES to just about every aspect of Real Estate broadening my horizons such as working a broader geographic area, learning all I can about pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, and short sells. 

Residential first-time buyers are still favorites of mine because they make me feel so needed.  It is amazing how little most people know about the process of buying a home and if their not knowledgable in a specific area, they can be misled into spending more money than necessary.  With me, its not about the money as much as it is about helping couples achieve a better lifestyle and looking out for the financial interests of my clients. 

Did you know that for every job lost in construction and real estate -- 3 more jobs are lost.  Real Estate truly is the heart of our nation and it is time we all worked together to bring it back once again.  Many realtors and brokers have chosen other avenues for their survival but I feel confident that worst is over.  Home prices are going to rise and when they do, realtors once again will be doing their thing.  Its going to get better -- it always has!

Published Monday, August 16, 2010 8:35 PM by Ron Harmon, Broker

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